Your Lexia3 interface unstable? Try this OBD version with 921815C

Your Lexia3 interface runs unstable? try this newest VXscan Lexia3 OBD version. This version wins in stable performance with 921815C protocol and simple OBD connection.

Images means a lot:

This is the full package of VXscan Lexia3 interface, including a blue interface with one end of 16pin port and another end is USB port, plus one USB cable.

You can enlarge the image to check the double PCB board with 7pcs brand new opt couplers.

On the upper side of VXscan Lexia3, it is engraved with “ 921815C“.

Simply use the packed USB cable to plug the main unit and the computer to communicate.

Simply plug the main unit to the vehicle’s 16pin port.

For VXscan Lexia3 software & its capabilities, it performs as the same as the former versions (Item No. SP08-C & SP08-C2).

Here I attach DiagBox V7.83 Software: