2M2 Magic Tank Test Report: Cut Ford& Jaguar FO21.T6 No Issues

Purpose: Check if 2M2 Magic Tank key cutting machine can cut key for Ford& Jaguar or not


Ford/Jaguar FO21.T6 key

2M2 Magic Tank automatic car key cutting machine




Open Tank APP on Android phone and turn on Bluetooth

Press the icon to edit a key

Input “FO21” in the quick search bar

Select the first “FO21.T6” to next step

Follow the prompt to operate carefully:

1.Loosen the screw

2.Remove the standard fixture

3.Remove the probe

4.Install the FO21/TEB1 fixture

5.Tighten the screw

6.Insert new key blank

7.Align the red line of the axis to the red line on the right

8.Turn the key blank off the horizontal position

9.Tighten the nut by hand at first

10.Use the fixed block to locate the key blank

11.Pull the key blank towards the arrow

12.Rotate the nut and tighten it

13.Use the red spanner to fix the axis and use the blue spanner to tighten the nut

14.Move the fixed block away

When blank key installation is finished, the last step is to connect the power line and click confirm

Cutting key…

Note: Cutting for Ford/ Jaguar (FO21) round key, only need to clip the key blank once, fully automatic completion.

When finish cutting key, clean up the scrap and take out the new key

Insert the new key into cylinder and works normally

Result: 2M2 Magic Tank cut Ford/ Jaguar FO21.T6 success

In addition, 2M2 Magic Tank automatic key cutting machine also supports the following Ford and Jaguar car keys:

Ford (End milling): HU101.M10, HU66.H8

Jaguar (Circle): TBE1.T8

That’s all!