Sales Promotion: Thincar Thinkdiag with All Car Software and One/Three Years Update Subscription

If you are interested in Thinkcar Thinkdiag OBD2 scanner but haven’t bought one yet, the newest sales promotion at is a good choice for you. Option 1: Thinkdiag obd2 connector+ license for full brands and special functions+ One year… Continue Reading

Purchase Thinkcar ThinkDiag with all car software and One Year Update Subscription

Good news!!! You can purchase Thinkcar ThinkDiag with all car software and one year update subscription from at the best price (less than 120 euros) now. What’s new about it? Thinkcar ThinkDiag (item No. SC511-B) has the advantages as below: It comes… Continue Reading

Thinkdiag VS Thinkdiag Mini VS Thinkdriver

OBD2 Bluetooth diagnostic tools comparison: Thinkdiag, Thinkdiag Mini and Thinkdriver, which one is the best? Thinkdiag Thinkdiag Mini (Thinkcar Pro) Thinkdriver (Thinkcar2) IMG Price €83.00 (UK ship No Tax) €70.00  €61.00 Form dongle+ App dongle+ App dongle+ App Language Support… Continue Reading