Yanhua Mini ACDP with Module 30 Correct VW/AUDI DQ500 (0BH Continental) Gearbox Mileage

yanhua acdp vw audi dq500 0bh continental gearbox mileage correct 1

Yanhua Mini ACDP can support Volkswagen/Audi DQ500 (0BH Continental) gearbox mileage correction now. ACDP Module 30 is required.   Yanhua ACDP Module 30: VW/Audi 0BH Continental gearbox mileage correction Supported Gearbox Models: Volkswagen/Audi DQ500 (0BH Continental) gearbox mileage correction Supported… Continue Reading

VW Audi Mileage Correction by Yanhua ACDP or Digimaster 3?

Both Yanhua ACDP and Digimaster 3 can adjust mileage for VW AUDI. What’s the difference? How to choose? Mini ACDP works with module 21/module 25 for VW/AUDI gearbox mileage correction, while Digimaster 3 supports VW/AUDI dashboard. Besides, ACDP also can… Continue Reading

OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus Ford IMMO Car List Till 2020

Here share the newest Ford IMMO V34.08 upgrade notice of OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus. FORD IMMO [V34. 08] UPGRADE: 1.Increased ECOSPORT SOUTH AMERICA BLADE 2020 2.Increased ECOSPORT USA PROXIMITY 2019-2020 3.Increased ESCAPE USA BLADE 2019-2020 4.Increased ESCAPE USA PROXIMITY 2020 5.Increased EXPEDITION 2020 Smart Key 6.Increased EXPLORER USA 2020 BLADE 7.Increased EXPLORER 2020 Smart Key 8.Increased F150 2019-2020 Smart Key 9.Increased F250-750 SUPER DUTY BLADE 2020 10.Increased F250-750 SUPER DUTY PROXIMITY 2020 11.Increased FUSION USA PROXIMITY 2019-2020 12.Increased KUGA EUROPE 2019-2020 Smart Key 13.Increased MUSTANG 2020 BLADE 14.Increased RANGER EUROPE BLADE 2019-2020 15.Increased TRANSIT 2020 BLADE 16.Increased TRANSIT CUSTOM EUROPE BLADE 2020 Note: the Ford car models are also available with… Continue Reading