How to install iProg+ pro V77 on Windows 7 (32 bit)?

The latest software version of Iprog ECU programmer is V77. This article is available with iProg+ pro V77 free download link, step-by-step installation guide, etc. Iprog+ V77 ECU Programmer Features: 1.Functional: airbag, dashboard, car radio, ecu, eeprom, immo, mcu and special functions 2.Reasonable… Continue Reading

OBDSTAR X300M Test Reports: Golf, Audi A3, Volvo S80, Mazda 6

(16 August, 2019) Have collected feedback from customers with OBDSTAR X300M odometer adjustment tool: Good news: OBDSTAR X300M best price: 205 euro Source: Test reports: VW: 2012 VW Jetta- OK VW Passat B7 digiprog3- OK 2014 VW Tiguan-failed Communication breakdown 2011… Continue Reading

35160WT mileage correction with Yanhua 35160 / 35080 Emulator

Using one single Yanhua 35160 / 35080 simulator, 35160WT EEPROM mileage adjustment can be successful. This post offers step by step operation procedure. Source: Yanhua 35160/35080 Programming Emulator testable EEPROM models: M35080/M35080-3/M35080-6/M35080V6 /M35080VP/080DOWQ/080DOWT/160DOWQ/ 160DOWT/35160WT EEPROM.   Youtube Video guide:  … Continue Reading