2019 newest XTUNER PT101 Circuit Tester: Only 55 Euro!

Good news!!! Eobdtool has released a new electrical system diagnostic tool. It’s XTUNER PT101 circuit tester. Here share the related info with you. XTUNER Pt101 Circuit Tester Definition XTUNER PT101 Circuit Tester Features XTUNER PT101 Circuit Tester How to buy IDUTEX PT101 circuit tester works as an AVOmeter,… Continue Reading

12V 24V battery testers: OBDSTAR BT06 VS Foxwell BT100 BT705 BT780

Newest OBDSTAR BT06 12V 24V battery tester function is the same as Foxwell BT100 BT705 BT780 12V battery testers, but different in other features incl. language available, features, price etc. Here we go for details. Battery tester OBDSTAR BT06 Foxwell… Continue Reading

Difference between BA100 and BA101Vehicle Battery Analyzer

As for the difference between BA100 and BA101 Vehicle Battery Analyzer, there are several points: Increasing function For BA101 Vehicle Battery Analyzer: BA101 increases cranking system test and charging system test. BA101 increases EFB battery. BA101 increases quick test function. BA101 increases auto-storage function. BA101 increases Print function via computer. The advantage for BA101Vehicle Battery Analyzer: Four button for operation, more convenient for client. Bigger display, more information. as below picture: BA101 can shows the testing result in one screen, but BA100 Vehicle Battery Analyzer only show one or two items in one screen. so that BA100 must need five displays to show all information.