BMW F10 beep on lock / unlock coding with E-sys 3.22.5

Here, you will be guided to use ENET cable with E-sys program to coding beep on lock / unlock or beep on lock only, for BMW series.

You should use:

Working ENET cable bmw

Esys v3.22.5 and v49.4 data

A laptop running with Windows XP system


The case here takes 2011 BMW F10 (I-step F010-12-11-503).

Part 1 – beep on lock / unlock

Setup in E-sys 3.22.5

Set these
Akkustische Quittierung Schaerfen
Akkustische Quittierung Schaerfen mit Klappenbeachtung
Akkustische Quittierung Entschaerfen

to aktiv

Revert all other values to default in FZD and CIC which are related to buzzer.
Akkustische Quittierung Entschaerfen
to activ in FZD module and you will be good to go.

Part 2 – beep on lock only

With the the following settings, you get 1 beep on lock and NO BEEPs on unlock:-
But make sure the tick box in idrive is not ticked!!!!!!!
then set:-
Akkustische Quittierung Schaerfen = aktiv
Akkustische Quittierung Schaerfen mit Klappenbeachtung = nicht aktiv
Akkustische Quittierung Entschaerfen = nicht aktiv

the meaning of the settings:
Akkustische Quittierung Schaerfen = Acoustic acknowledgment when Arming regardless of the door status
Akkustische Quittierung Schaerfen mit Klappenbeachtung = Acoustic acknowledgment of Arming depends on the door status

“door status” here means whether the i-drive box is ticked or not. So unticking it manages to turn off the two beeps some of you don’t want.