BMW MSV80 CAS4 /CAS 4+ all key lost, program new key by CGDI Prog

When BMW MSV80 need to program new key when CAS4 /CAS 4+ all key lost and to match spare key with CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+, the best BMW key pro to recommend is CGDI Prog key programmer, it is optional to program key via OBD as well as Disassemble DME


Here a table on CGDI Prog workable CAS types and time to use:

As you can see in the above table, CGDI Prog has below functionalities:

1.BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/: can match spare key, KEY all lost matching, CAS computer replace,CAS3+/P4X above version can directly downgrade by OBD in 5 minus 100% safety.

2.BMW CAS4/CAS4+/: can perform key matching and support key all lost matching.

3.Support BMW key inspection, can check key what status in.

4.Support BMW engine computer DME replacement.

  1. Support BMW MSV80/MSD80/MSD85 series OBD read ISN code (no need to spilt computer when matching key)
  2. Support BMW key unlock.


Besides key programming, CGDI Prog can perform:

  1. auto diagnosis, and security maintenance.
  2. BMW CAS3/CAS3+Data repair–support change replace and split CAS computer, BMW MSV80/MSV80.0/MSD80/MSD80.0/MSD85/engine

change computer, ISN code reading and writing.


CGDI Pro Update online:

Newest software version: V1.0.02

Update online, 6-month free update after activating device, after that it costs 10.00USD/Month.

Free update software:

001: CAS

002: CAS4

CAS4+ 003: Engine EME


CGDI Pro is reliable or not?

  1. Equipment security greatly enhanced, the hardware anti-crack,anti-software copy.
  2. has new breakthrough in operation safety and technical support.
  3. Warranty:1 year


How to use CGDI Pro on BMW MSV80 vehicle?

via OBD: can directly read ISN code in the car, please confirm you have 12V or above car voltage, it directly connects OBD to operate, take about 5 minus.


Disassemble DME: can directly disassemble engine computer (DME) to operate, follow the below guide to connect the line.

CGDI Pro user manual: