How to install and use Multiflasher V3.15.1 to read write ECU?

Multiflasher V3.15.1 installation step by step and to read & write ECU data successfully.

OS: XP, you can try on WIN7.


  1. Install.

Extract “Multiflasher 3.15” to the C:\

Go to C:\MultiFlasher 3.15_Current, send the “MultiFlasher” to the desktop.

Install “GrdDrivers X86”.

Go to E:\, right click “Openport2_setup” to open to finish setup.

Right click “My computer” -“Manage” -“Device Manager”, refresh to check if “Guardant dongle” turn green, if yes, plug the Tactrix Openport 2.0 interface to the computer and get windows “Found new Hardware Wizard”.

Open “Shortcut to Multiflasher”.

Multiflasher V3.15 function display, you can see it supports Bosch, Siemens, BSL, Delphi etc.

Device settings.

Try to read Siemens SIMK-31/41/43, SIM2K-47.

Select “DTC”, then “Common” and read out DTCs.

FYI, Multiflasher V3.15 support online update.

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