Lonsdor K518 Pro Update: Added Chevrolet CAN FD IMMO Programming till 2023

Lonsdor K518 Pro updated the newest software on Nov. 8th, 2023. Now it’s able to add new key and all keys lost via OBD on Chevrolet car models till 2023 including CAN FD, Middle East, and USA, Canada models.


Chevrolet Support Models:

  • CAN FD

Silverado\2021-2023\Smart key

Suburban\2021-2023\Smart key

Tahoe\2021-2023\Smart key

Silverado 1500\2021-2023\Smart key

Silverado 3500\2021-2023\Smart key

Silverado\2021-2023\Smart key

Suburban\2021-2023\Smart key

Tahoe\2021-2023\Smart key


Trax\Smart key\2020-


Note: K518 Pro has built-in CAN FD protocol, don’t need an extra CAN FD adapter.


  • Middle East

Traverse\2019-2023\Smart key

Trailblazer\2020-2023\Smart key

Malibu\2017-2022\Smart key

Sonic\2022\Smart key

Equinox\2017-2023\Smart key

Camaro\2017-2019\Smart key

Trax\2017-2022\Smart key


  • USA, Canada

Silverado 1500\2021-2023\Smart key

Silverado 1500\2017-2020\Mechanical key

Silverado 1500\2014-2016\Smart key

Silverado 1500\2021-2023\Mechanical key

Silverado3500\2015-2016\PEPS (CAN)

Silverado 3500\2017-2023\Mechanical key

Sonic\2017-2019\Mechanical key

Spark EM\2014-2016\Smart key

SS\2014-2017\PEPS (CAN)

Suburban\2015-2016\Remote (CAN)

Suburban\2017-2019\Mechanical key

Suburban\2020\Mechanical key

Tahoe\2017-2019\Mechanical key

Tahoel\2020\Mechanical key

Aveo\2017-2019\Smart key

Aveo\2017-2019\Mechanical key

Aveo\2020\Mechanical key

Cavalier\2019-2022\Mechanical key


Trax\2013-2016\Smart key

Lonsdor k518 pro gm can fd update

Kindly notice:

This new update is only for Londsor K518 Pro key programmer. It’s not available for K518USA, K518ISE, and K518S which don’t have CAN FD protocol.


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