OBDSTAR F104 read Chrysler Jeep Dodge pin code via OBD

For those who are from the country (like: Algerian) where Chrysler, jeep and dodge dealers don’t offer the pin code even you offer substantial money, and started falling into hands of scammers who said they would provide access to dealer site and next thing is money and access is gone!!


Two methods to read out PIN CODE:

The skilled locksmiths usually use two methods to read out pin code:

  • Invest de-soldering equipment to read directly from the eeprom, less than 1 minute job.
  • Invest an equipment to read pin code via OBD


Method 1: reading pin from dump

Read pin from dump / eeprom is easy, unless of an OBD solution which is cheap.


If you are not experienced, it doesn’t matter. You can learn and practice, practice makes perfect. These 8pin eeprom are considered easy to de/solder. Hard to destroy. Some SKIM modules have mcu’s and are much harder so you need good micrograbbers to connect, then you can read the dump and find the pin.


Method 2: Invest an equipment to read pin code via OBD

OBDSTAR F104 is the first one handheld Chrysler Jeep Dodge pin code reader as well as key programmer.


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OBDSTAR F104 update:

Update on official site by clicking “One key update”


Before OBDSTAR F104, some machines can pull out pin code but not all models ok, for example, SKP-100 and SKP-900 can pull pin codes for Chrysler Can2 and newer; KP819 key pro latest version has same pin pulling capacity; as well as key pro M8 or Tcode/ T300, or only the pin code reader for Chrysler no for Jeep and Dodge