Rheingold/ Esys delete “Lifetime” FSC

Is it possible to delete “Lifetime” FSC?

Yes, it’s possible. There must be a way to delete so called lifetime maps FSC code from NBT and return to normal behaviour of updates.


Just E-sys to generate a working code for any other region.

Insert map of other region, enter code, you don’t even have to wait for upload to finish.

Insert maps from region you use and enter code for that particular map update.
CIC/NBT in general can only store single code.



For f-series, just read fsd with esys check en of FSC, lifetime is AD7Q Also upgrade index is FF

For Eseries, fstool.


If someone doesn’t have functional fstool (for E-series), it’s even easier to download data03 file from /mnt/hbdebug/. Code is the last 20 characters of the file, and if the last 4 are AD7Q it is the lifetime code.

And the easiest way to change it with the tool is directly in Rheingold.


This method work. I removed the lifetime fsc code.
But the cic doesn’t update, usb and dvd.