Saab 2008 9-3 Aero TTid fault code read with GM Tech2 or Opcom

Have Saab 2008 9-3 Aero TTid. It won't rev from cold at all for about a minute, then sound to pick up a bit and does fine. It has no power and will pull gently but then when pushed come up with limited performance.
It also says dpf full, it has been apparently from before I got it on the last 2 mots, I have taken it off, cleaned it through and back on, still says it, no fault codes read on my generic obd tool that is quite good with other Saabs so a but stuck to what may be wrong.

GM Tech2: confirmed

Maybe the ECU is stuck in a regen loop and hasn't been able to complete, or you could have a DPF sensor problem

Need to get the feedback from GM Tech2 to see what the pressure values are and then probably force a regeneration with Tech2 to set a baseline with the ECU.

GM Tech2 can work well with SAAB 9-3.

but you have to have a Saab Card installed which you can buy and do yourself. And if you have a 2003,4 or 5 you will have to have a newer card and a candi adapter and if you have a 06 or above you have to go on line and pay by the hour.
The candi adapter is packed with the GM TECH2 and the card is about 22USD.

Opcom review:

Might be worth trying Opcom as its cheap and plays well with the TID's not so sure re TTID though.

Opcom will work mostly OK with TTid's too.

Good luck!