Toyota Pre-collision System & Glass Position Coding by Techstream Connect J2534

When the car was involved in accident, we have the headlight system malfunction, lane departure alert malfunction, front camera unavailable and pre-collision system malfunction.

Today we have a Toyota Sienna 2020, and we’re going to fix this. We’ll scan the fault codes first and code pre-collision system by TIS techstream.

Part 1.
First we scan the car with a Launch X431 scan tool.
Enter basic information of our car.
16PIN DLC(Europe and Other)>>2017.11->>Radar Cruise>>w/ Smart Key

Choose “Health Report” as we want all systems.
Delete history codes and focus on current codes.

Part 2.
Handle “Lost Communication With Cruise Control”

Check internal fuse first. It should be 7.5A fuse, the second one from the bottom right.
Make sure front sensors are connected and have a good wire if the car had a front accident before.

As we fix the wire for the front camera, we don’t have “front camera unavailable”.

Part 3.
Then we’re handling “Glass Position Initialization Complete” since the passenger, rear right and rear left door window are not working.

1)Via a scan tool with special function
Enter the menu, and select
Special function>>Reset Memory
Follow instructions to complete reset.
Then go to
Customize>>Power Window
Switch on “Passenger’s Window Auto Up” “Passenger’s Window Auto Up From Driver” “Passenger’s Window Auto Down From Driver”…

Check the signal to make sure the connection is good.
Back to the menu, select
Actuation Test>>Power Window>>Monitoring Data
Check glass position, Auto switch…

2)Via TIS Techstream
Then we go to “Techstream” for initialization.
On laptop, also input the car’s info.

Connect PC to this Toyota via (Autel MaxiCOM MK908P) MaxiFlash Elite J2534 box. (You can use other J2534 adapters, MaxiFlash JVCI, VXDIAG VCX NANO for Toyota…)
We enter “Offline Mode”.

Body Electrical>>P-Door Motor

Click on arrow icon to confirm.
Clear DTCs as it’s not current.

If we don’t have a scan tool with special function to reset before making it “History”, here select
Utility>>(Eg. RL-Door Motor Live)>>Reset Memory

Then go to the rear left door window, up&down the window and hold on the button for 5 seconds.
Go to “Trouble Codes” to clear it.
If the code is still there, repeat above operation.
Then it should be cleared.

Besides, every time you lose power charge after like switching battery, you may have the same problem – window works from the door but cannot work from the master switch.
So you’re gonna do the same thing – reset memory and hold the button 5 seconds
Now only “lane departure alert malfunction” is left.
We may drive it for a while to see it is still there because all fuses are good and no fault code there.


Hope this could help someone.
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