Autel MaxiSYS Using Tips: Register+ Update+ Expand Memory

Here have collected some using tips for Autel MaxiSYS scan tool.

Part 1: How to create an Autel account and register Autel device?
Part 2: How to update Autel MaxiSYS scanner?
Part 3: How to expand memory for MaxiSYS tablet?

Part 1: How to create an Autel account and register Autel device?

Users that already have accounts and other Autel tools can add a new tool to their pre-existing account be advised though some of the smaller DIY products do not require registration, but they may be eligible for software updates.

Step 1: Create an Autel account
2.Click “Create an Autel ID”
create an autel id

3.Input your email address as Autel ID, then you will get verification code with six digit from it
4.Copy the code and paste it to the corresponding position

Note: If you don’t see the verification code in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder.

5.Once the code is entered, continue with filling in your info.
6.Please enter four characters you show listed in the image at the bottom.
7.You need to check [Send Me Email] and agree to the policy.

8.Autel ID has been registered successfully
ms908s pro

Step 2: Register Autel device
1.Sign in with your Autel ID, password and code


  • The serial number and register password can be found on the device when you power it up.

For some tools, you have to click on [Settings] and select [About] APP on some of other DIY products, the info can be found under the device.

  • The register password is a six digit code, it would only be used to register your product, it’s not the password you created to log into your account.

2.After you’ve entered the serial number and register password enter the code shown on the screen, then click “Submit”

3.Register Autel scan tool successfully (e.g MaxiSys MS908s Pro)
autel register successfully

Note: If you’re already the Autel user and have an account prior, when you sign in, click on product registration on the left side of the page and fill in the info required once again.

Please note the register password is the six digit code found inside your device’s [About] or tool information screen. Customers can add as many tools as they want to the same account. You don’t have to create multiple accounts each time you get a new tool.

Part 2: How to update Autel MaxiSYS scanner?
It applies to all Maxisys scan tools (diagnostic tablets) such as MaxiSys MS906 TS…
Before you do any update, you should make sure you have already registered your device.
Now enter the update process.

1.Make sure your Maxisys tool is connected to the Wi-Fi network
If your tool isn’t already on the main Android home screen, go ahead and press the house icon on the bottom left corner, it will take you to the corresponding screen.

2.Enter “System settings”
Turn on the Wi-Fi
Select one available Wifi to connect

3.Go back to the main screen
Select “MaxiSys”-> “Update”

Press the green arrow to update
autel update

Part 3: How to expand memory for MaxiSYS tablet?
Sometimes, you want to update the software you need, but it says “Insufficient space on SD card. Please clear the SD card space.” This message usually happens when your scanner has low storage space.

To fix this issue, you can solve it by the following steps:
1.You should need a micro SD card but this is the important part it has to be a SanDisk has 16 GB class 10.
This is the only type of SD card that is compatible with Mac CSIS tools.

2.You also need to make sure you have an active software subscription before trying to attempt any type of updates.

3.If you didn’t purchase this card new, please reformat the SD card before inserting it inside the tool depending on what tool you have you will need to locate the micro SD card slot for leads.

It’s the back behind the battery for the Nano 8 series is going to be on the left-hand side for the 906 tools. It will be on the top-left corner.

In this case, take Autel MS906BT as an example.
The SD card is on the top left corner.
ms906bt sd card location

Insert the SD card into the Maxisys tool.
It is spring loaded so you want to push it in there, it has to be flushed sitting inside the tool cannot be sticking out. Once you have that, hot refresh and click the green arrow to update again.
When it updates ok, a message will appear “BMW (or other car software) programs have been installed into the external SD card successfully, and the old files will be deleted soon.”

Just click “OK” to deleted old files.

Please kindly notice:
This method only moves the related files (such as BMW in this case) over to the SD card and any future BMW updates will go directly to the card. This will free up space on the tool for all the other downloads. Now that BMW file is on the SD card, don’t remove it, otherwise there will be no BMW program on the tool.

Install an SD card into MaxiSYS Elite for insufficient space:
When you update the car software, it may prompt “Insufficient space of internal memory. Please clean up space or insert a 16G-128G SD card… If the SD card is inserted but the system cannot recognize it, please check if SD card is damaged or SD card file system is FAT32 format.”

Method 1: remove other vehicles that are already downloaded
(No recommend)

Method 2: Add an SD card into the scan tool
This method applies to the Autel scan tool whose microSD card slot is at the back of the device. (such as Autel MaxiSYS Elite, Autel MaxiCOM MK908P)
1.Flip the tool to the back and pull up the stand
2.Use a T5 Torx screwdriver to remove the screws around the cover
autel add sd card

3.Take off the back cover and expose the battery
4.The MicroSD card slot is at the top left corner.

5.Remove the battery to the side slightly without disconnecting it to access a slot.
6.Insert a 16 GB SanDisk micro SD card class 10

You can go up to 32GB, but you don’t necessarily need anything larger than that.

7.Once the SD card has been installed well, put the screws back into the cover.
8.Go to [Data Manager]-> [Vehicle Management]
It will show the vehicles that you can move to the SD card.

9.Hit the download button one by one, and let that move over to the micro SD card inside the tool.
10.Once you’re able to download all the vehicles, go back into [Update] and start doing your update, you’ll see it starts to download