CGDI Prog MB V2.8.0.0 Newly Update on Activation & Token Policy

CG-MB Benz Monster V2.8.0.0 NEW(2018.10.28)

1. Added online store function

Now, you can self-renew your password calculation service or recharge points in the store.

Currently only WeChat payment is supported.

2. Added the automatic activation function

When you first purchase a device, you can choose the subscription service version to activate the device.

Please note that the subscription version cannot be changed after activation.

What is the token policy for CGDI Prog MB?
Plan A: CGDI Prog MB can calculate the password twice for free each day for the first 180 days (from the day you activate device)
When license gets expired, It will cost usd60 for another 180 days tokens, please pay to Token Service 180 Days for CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer.

Plan B: One free token each day all the time. And it won’t get expired anymore.

3. Remove the limit on the number of password calculations per day

You can calculate the password as much as possible within a day.

Of course, the premise is that you have more than enough points.

4. We greatly optimized the stability of the server

We are deeply sorry for the impact of the previous period of downtime maintenance, and we thank our customers for their support.

More information, please check on