Do you know New OBDSTAR RFID Adapter for VAG 4th&5th IMMO?

OBDSTAR RFID Adapter = OBDSTAR X300 DP VAG 4th&5th IMMO new function! It’s newly created to work with OBDSTAR X300 DP to program VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat keys with VAG 4th&5th IMMO!


All you need to know about this new OBDSTAR RFID Adapter here:

OBDSTAR RFID Adapter layout

What’s the function of OBDSTAR RFID Adapter?

To help your OBDSTAR key programmer make new key with VAG 4th&5th generation immobilization! (VAG 4th IMMO function is ready now, VAG 5th IMMO function is coming soon)

Which tool OBDSTAR RFID Adapter work with?


OBDSTAR X300 Pro3 Key Master



How to use OBDSTAR RFID Adapter with OBDSTAR X300 DP to program VAG 4th 5th IMMO key?

Main steps:

Use OBDSTAR X300 DP to read EEPROM data (with backup).

Save the EEPROM bin file (You can get car VIN, CS, pin code, key number and key ID).

Choose OBDSTAR X300 DP “Dealer key Programming” function.

According to the following instruction, put the new key/key chip into OBDSTAR RFID Adapter’s transponder area.

New key/key chip program successfully.

Complete the key learning process to make the new key really work.


How much can I get it?

Before 5.30.2017, you can get OBDSTAR RFID Adapter for VAG 4th 5th IMMO only $185 free shipping.

After 5.30.2017, the price will be turn back to $199 free shipping.

(This is a New Special Offer)