MAN VCI Lite Truck Diagnostic Tool Using Guide

Looking for a MAN truck diagnostic tool? MAN VCI Lite… here you go. Just like DAF VCI Lite, a professional truck diagnostic tool for a specific brand, to perform diagnosis, actuation and parameter viewing.


MAN truck diagnostic tool for sale: MAN VCI Lite


MAN VCI Lite price: €725.00


MAN VCI Lite, what can & cannot do:
  • Simple testing of actuators…..Confirmed!
  • Visualisation and assessment of current sensor signals……Confirmed!
  • Identification of control unit in assembled condition……Confirmed!
  • Depiction of all stored diagnosis entries……Confirmed!
  • Fast orientation on vehicle by means of integrated overview wiring diagrams……Confirmed!
  • HD-OBD scantool (Heavy Duty On Board Diagnosis), read-out and presentation of data relevant to exhaust gas……Confirmed!


How to use MAN VCI Lite truck diagnostic tool:


In summary, MAN VCI Lite Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tool provide you Dealer level On Board Diagnosis for MAN Trucks. Man VCI Lite cover up to 95% of original MAN CATS T200 capabilities, good at diagnosis, actuatios and parameter viewing.