Ford Transit 57 2008 blue key remote programming with obdstar H100

Here is a review of obdstar H100 programming Ford Transit 57 2008 blue key remote.

the H100 can be found on the This is a Ford Transit 57 2008. I succeed program a brand new Blue key.


FYI, this video use old obdstar F100, obdstar had an updated device of F100, that is H100 now F100 does the same as H100, only a few US models added extra to the H100.


This is brand new blue key.


This is old one key.


Insert the blue key to the ignition and turn on, you can see the flashing light on the dashboard.


Go down to select Function, then Immobilizer.


And Ford/ Lincoln.


Loading …initializing…Authorizing…


Ford -> China Ford







Program keys.


Turn on the ignition switch.


Insert key and switch ignition on.



It doesn’t need password, it do bypass.


Program success.


So press the Enter and will be back to the main menu.


Procedure on how to add remote:

4 times OFF – ON – OFF quick as you can do, remove key and press remote. That is correct procedure.
It can be 8 times, but until now, all Ford i’ve did is 4 times


For MK7 transit:

Simple ford key separeted remote and immo chip. You can add via manual method

Ford transit mk7 Blue key. The remote and the immochip is one unit. Both programed in the same time via diagnostic.


H100 also supports all keys lost on mazda’s – takes around 2/3minutes to program… If you are programming all keys lost you will need to program two keys; youtube mazda 3 f100 key programmer


Ford Transit 2008 key programming success with obdstar F100 / H100. If you want to have one, you can go to