Except No Soldering, What Else Highlights Does Yanhua ACDP have? Include FAQ

Are you still wondering how does Yanhua Mini ACDP perform? This post will share you why ACDP is a powerful programmer by its function spotlights. Also, some FAQ will attach below for you to use this tool well.


Yanhua Mini ACDP Function Highlights:

  1. 8-pin IC chip reading and writing without removing chip and intelligent detection

Piercing connection

Before working, Yanhua ACDP will test OBP Pins first to make success the following process safe.

  1. Read and write CAS4 data

probe detection result

  1. Support FEM/BDC Automatic module, restore and backup/write IMMO data

FEM/BDC Automatic module

FEM/BDC Restore

FEM/BDC backup and write IMMO data


Yanhua Mini ACDP FAQ:

Q: I can’t find the ACDP via Buletooth when setting in the first time

A: check whether the phone Bluetooth is turn on or not. Turn it on again

And for Android phone, please turn on the location service


Q: Fail to connect WiFi

A:  check the wifi password is correct or not

Ckeck the Wifi intensity is enough or not

The name of the Wifi can’t contain Chinese for it can’t recognition Chinese.

Make sure the Wifi frequency is 2.4G


Q: How to exports the data to PC

A: here are two guides for iOS and Android phone

For iPhone iOS system:  export data from iPhone to PC

For Android system phone: export data from Android Phone to PC


Q: could you provide the detailed user guide and pictures?

A: there is a Help beside each module. Tap it and you could see the detailed introduction, pictures, video, installation guide and notes.