GM MDI China Clone Review: Should I Buy It?

This is for those interested in purchasing a GM MDI from China with software. Here are experience (success and failure) of MDI clone, shared onChinaMH forum.



Device works with GDS2 (Opel)
Device works with Tech2Win (Opel, Hammer)
Device not works with SAAB via Tech2Win


GM MDI is working in Consult 3 plus


Cars tested- works & cannot work:


1: SAAB 9-5, 2003, 3.0 TID– works

mine is clone from China.
MDI Software
Simply pressed OK when Candy detected and all worked.
Tested on SAAB 9-5, 2003, 3.0 TID


2: 2014 model – works

SAAB NAO V9.250 is from 2014. Already tested.
2003 year too old – not interesting for me.


3: Saab 9-5, 2003, 3.0 – works

Tested by my own, works with Saab 9-5, 2003, 3.0


Online or offline issues:


1: online – good, offline – bad

GM MDI good, interface works online.

update mdi 100%.

offline too bad for new cars.


2: wifi card compatible

at now, chinese clone GM MDI with squ wifi card


3: wifi not working but works good with USB

I bought a cheap one and it only worked with usb. The wired network and wifi did not work. In fact, the card flash socket was missing from the board. Build quality was not to bad. I just use it to flash newer pcm/ecm’s.


GM MDI WIFI version:

GM MDI USB version:


Source – a man of his words to trust in:


I would not go by pictures posted on the web as vendersshare the same photos but the MDI I received from a different ethernet connector and missing cardflash socket. It was advertised as (without wifi). It does work fine on USB and for flashing pcm/ecm because at 480 Mbit/s it is almost 5 times faster then ethernet.


The MDI clone works fine with tech2win and also TIS2000. Used it for diags and pcm flashing with no problem (through usb port only)


Credits to all contributors with unbiased reviews in