User Review: CGDI Prog MB Reset Original Key NEC V57 Chip

One CGDI MB User share his test video to us about how to reset the original key NEC V57 chip. Thanks to Waldemar Fechtel share this experience.

First comes the video test:


Process how to reset original Mercedes Benz key v57 version by CGDI MB

  1. open the key and desolder the nec chip to plate

  1. see on nec chip with version it is and choose it in cgdi nec adapter option

  1. read out the original data with CGDI MB

  1. press reset and wait until it show success!!!

  1. solder chip back to key pcb and mount the key back.

  1. test read out over obd port.

ssid ,position, available times, times used should be rosette to zero data