GM MDI Manager Download + Install for GM MDI GDS2

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[02.2017] GM GDS2 Package Newest software to update old versions


Java 13.0.00001

TIS2Web Connectivity Proxy

GDS2 Install 16.2.00900

Deliverable GM Global V2017.2.0


How to install GM MDI Manager on Windows 7? (Main steps)

  1. Run Setup.exe→ I accept… → Select language ” nao en”, “opel en”→ Install Global TIS
  2. Global TIS Registration→ Edit dealership data→ Email registration→ Save “Registration PDF” file to seller for GM MDI software activation→ Complete Subscriber ID and License Key

Tips: NO need activation GM MDI GDS2 software available here:

  1. Install Adobe Reader→ Install Java→ Install GDS2 GM MDI Software→ Install Tech2win→ Set Tech2win language
  2. Install wizard for RNDIS/ Ethernet Gadget
  3. Set Local Area Connection 2 Properties→ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  4. Open GM MDI Manager→ Connect→ Open Global TIS→ Yes→ OK
  5. Open Tech2win→ Choose Configuration: nao en→ “Security” tab→ Download then run Security Access Service Client

Choose Configuration: opel en→ “Security” tab→ Download then run Security Access Service Client

Go to “GDS2” tab→ Start GDS2→ Select language

  1. Launch GDS2 and now enjoy the software


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GM MDI GDS2 Software HDD V8.3.103.39 for WIN 7

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