How Magic Wand and OBDStar F100 program Key for Ford Focus 05?

Set Ford Focus 05 as an example, you will see how I Programm a new Key with Magic Wand 4C 4D Transponder Chip Generator and OBDStar F100.

Step 1: Use Quickly Code Reader to test the original transponder key. First insert the key into coil and choose “Read/ Copy” option on screen (pay attention do not move the key), then I read the chip type is 83.

Magic Wand-F100-2

Magic Wand-F100-1

Step 2: Test a new transponder key and repeat choose “Read/ Copy” option to read chip type, it’s 4D 70, then I try to start the car by this new key sure it’s not working.

Magic Wand-F100-3

Step 3: Use Magic Wand to format the new chip 4D 70 to 83.(Put the new key into key slot, input 83 and press “Write” button)

Magic Wand-F100-4

Step 4: Insert the new key while keeping ignition on then put Magic Wand’s coil close to ignition.

Magic Wand-F100-5

Step 5: Use OBDStar F100 to program new key. Enter “Operation Menu”, find “Programming Anti-theft Transponder Key”, choose car brand and type. The screen show it’s initializing.

Magic Wand-F10-6

Step 6: Choose car brand, enter “Smart Key System”, then choose “Focus”→ “New Focus”→ “Type 2”.(Since this car is 2015Focus, I choose “2014~”)

Magic Wand-F100-7

Step 7:Choose “Programming a New Key”, insert the new key and turn on ignition, press “Enter” to continue. At this time, tips show on screen that it is reading pincode.

Magic Wand-F100-8

Step 8: Follow next step to turn off ignition and turn on it again (In all steps above you should keep the new key into coil.). Tips show that I have 4 available keys. Press “Enter” to make sure it.

Magic Wand-F100-9

Step 9: Follow tips to program a new key, it will take about 4 mins. Soon I get the pincode, press “Enter” to continue. Tip show now I have 5 available keys to start the car. And I use the new key to start car, it’s working!

Magic Wand-F100-10 Magic Wand-F100-11 Magic Wand-F100-12

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