How to Choose for Ford Key Programming? VCM 2 Clone, FLY SVCI J2534 or VCM IDS 3?

Want to know the comparisons for VCM 2 cloneFLY SVCI J2534 and VCM IDS 3 ? Lets check one customer’s experience as following:

Question :

I just found out that my tools are not enough and need to get one of the tools mentioned to initialize module on 2011+ Ford cars and vans.

I did a lot of key programming, FIP/PCM initialization, on 2001 fords, 2006+, 2010, with Launch/Forscan, but on newer EURO5 cars I can only adapt keys, but can’t initialize the ECU. It asks for incode by outcode, which I do not have access since code generators work until 05/2010 and my tools can’t calculate it.

So, what should I choose ? VCM 2 clone, FLY SVCI J2534 or VCM IDS 3 ?


VCM 2 HQ clone is best tool of that bunch, but be aware that you will still need incode/outcode for key/security related work. You do not normally need this for programmable module installation so long as there is already a PCM present which can be read by the VCM.