SVCI J2534 Fixed J1850 PWM Protocol Module Programming Bugs

SVCI J2534 is a good auto diagnostic tool to work with bunch of manufacturer’s software, like Ford’s IDS, Mazda IDS, FDRS, Toyota TIS, JLR SDD, ELMconfig, Forscan etc. But sometimes it is instable and sometimes disconnect from car. Recently FLY Technician has solved the J1850 PWM protocol module programming bugs. So it will reprogram J1850 modules without issue. Here share the related operation guide for reference.

What you need:

The Ford IDS firmware must be upgraded to V001.031 or the latest version.

SVCI J2534 diagnostic interface

Ford IDS software and QuickLoader

PCM module to be installed (e.g 1998 J1850 PWM module as below)

Free download Ford IDS V120.01 and IDS QuickLoader

Test module info:

Part number: F8CF-12A650-CE

Year: 1998

Module: ECU

Protocol: J1850 PWM

Test target: Module programming

The operation guide:

Important: Must update firmware to 001.031 version or above version.

Connect SVCI J2534 Ford with computer and ECU module

Start Ford IDS QuickLoader on desktop and follow the prompt to upgrade firmware to V001.031

Then run IDS QuickLoader again, you will see the current software and firmware version

Click “Start New Session”-> “All other”-> press Tick icon

Confirm the corresponding vehicle specification

Read out VIN, click the tick icon to continue

Select “Module Programming”-> “Programmable Module Installation”-> “PCM”

Set ignition switch to OFF (Position 0) (Disconnect SVCI J2534 tool and ECU module)

Install a new module in vehicle-> click the tick icon

Read the instruction:

Do not start a reprogramming session with a low battery in the vehicle and/ or programming tool.

The fuel pump and the engine cooling fan(s) may run during the following procedure. If you are programming a 6.0L diesel, the FICM relay must be removed before programming.

Set the ignition switch to ON (Connect SVCI J2534 tool and ECU module again)

It starts reprogramming PCM and will take about 4 minutes, please keep patient.

Then follow the prompt to set ignition switch to OFF…ON…OFF

Calibration has been loaded and checked

Note: If you programmed a 6.0L diesel, please reinstall the FICM relay.

If required, obtained a PCM reprogramming label and complete with the following data in the prompt. A reprogramming label is not required on vehicles serviced in North America.

Place the completed label in the appropriate position.

Start engine but do not depress the throttle pedal!

Set ignition to OFF (position 0)…ON

Clearing the fault codes

Finally set ignition switch to OFF


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