How to make checksums with Winols 2.24?

Here is a little making checksums with Winols 2.24 tutorial that should help all of you who dont know how to do this get started using winols.

Checksums are very important, get them wrong and car wont start or even worse
1. If you havent installed winols 2.24 first, then do so, it can be found on forum using the search button.

2. 2. Open winols, and after you will see the empty working box, picture 1A. Now drag and drop your ecu file onto this box as in picture 1B. Now in picture 1, you can see there are 3 checksums that need correcting, winols will do this for you.


3. Follow the instructions in each picture 1a – 10 and this should get you started making checksum for your own files.

Included are two ecu files, Audi A6 3.0 lambda off ME7.1.1, one with “nochecks” (no checksum) and the other with “csok” (checksum ok).

petio 3,.0 asn_lambda_off_nochecks.rar!8QACUKIY!4UNLVFh58D4xeUAPNyfUr0T6cyqHHZqHkR-TkRK4174

petio 3,.0 asn_lambda_off_nochecks_csok.rar!YBRTBJbL!ZlfYbr_f88LE9EhbnpGcTFDJNAkKJgyGvREoyxlmxF8

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