WinOLS and ECM TITANIUM, which is better?

A heated discussion is involved in the choice of ECM TITANIUM and WinOLS ECU programming software. Some people support ECM while others vote on WinOLS.
WinOLS Version 1.500 with Unlock Patch
People who vote on WinOLS mainly concern following aspects:
1) No driver and other definition files whatever
2) Can be replicated with no activation
3) Do not have built in pack and can not realize the function of the device and that is the difference
4) Accept changes: Copy the best changes from old projects. Additional features include improved functionality as well as an extended range of display modes
5) Existing hardware like the OLS200 simulator module and the MP2440(P) EPROM programmer are being supported even when using Windows NT/2000/ XP.
Other people who in favor of ECM TITANIUMmainly because of following reasons:
1) Has some basic map-packs for a lot of brands so they can go quickly and add few %.
2) Old version needs license, but the newest has a free license with 18475 driver
3) The software starts a search to check the presence of compatible drivers both in our personal as well as in the online database
4) You can easily find the data stored in the file maps and the main rev limiter to increase the engine power, or simply the consumer to optimize.
5) Very easy to carry out programming function
Both ECM TITANIUM and WinOLS are universal ECU programming software, if you are new to this filed, you may consider ECM. If you have got much talent, WinOLS is not bad a choice.
There are many download links on the search engine, but may not fits your language or some of them may dead link, please get one with tech support.

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