How to Solve Autel IMKPA APB114 Read BMW EWS3 Response Timeout Error?

Autel IMKPA Key Programming Accessories Kit is compatible with XP400Pro Key and Chip Programmer. It can be used to work with Autel IM508 + XP400 Pro (IM508 Pro), IM608+ XP400 Pro (IM608 Pro), IM608PROKPA and IM608 Pro II. Sometimes it may appear “Response timeout” problem when you read BMW EWS 3 data. Is the APB114 inside broken? Check the 4 suggestions provided by engineer to solve the problem.


autel imkpa apb114 read bmw ews3 response timeout solution 2

autel imkpa apb114 read bmw ews3 response timeout solution 1

Method 1:

Please do the action below. (need xp400pro)

  1. Enter the BMW EWS3 path of the programmer to try to read and write;
  2. Check whether the adapter board pins correspond to the EWS3 slots accurately;
  3. Operate in strict accordance with the operating instructions.


Step 1: Connect the matching board and EWS3 module first

Step 2: Connect the board and XP400 PRO

Step 3: USB connect XP400 PRO and tablet

Step 4: Connect the 12V power supply to the XP400 PRO; note that the power of the IM508/IM608 series tablet must be more than 30%

Step 5: Open the menu and execute the read function

Step 6: If the 12V is not connected, and the function is executed directly, the USB port will hang up and cannot be used. In this case, please restart the tablet, the USB port is enabled, and communication can be performed normally.


Method 2:

Use other tablets to connect with APB114 and XP400 Pro to check if can read or not


Method 3:

Change one new APB114 adapter


Method 4:

If all methods above still cannot fix the error, return the adapter back to your dealer for repair.


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