HUMZOR NEXZSCAN NL300 Customer Feedback: Works Well on Different Cars

Have collected some customer feedback about HUMZOR NEXZSCAN NL300 OBD2 scanner. With the unique application “NexzDAS”, it works well on different cars to do OBDII scan, full system diagnosis, fault code reading/clearing and reset service. Free to update every time, saving a lot of money.

humzor nl300 customer feedback


  1. I’m just happy to scan my toyota rav4 2006 and honda accord 2004 car abs and tpms codes which NL300 did.


  1. Excellent scanner, on the Chevrolet Captiva 2015 pulled out and reset errors that other scanners did not see.


  1. An application. Working with software Opel DTC, online monitor-cheers! And the other also. Recommend!


  1. Received previously declared, without damage. Tested for Hyundai Creta 2020G. V. Recommend!


  1. Humzor nl300 worked for my VW Bora style 2.5 2006 years. As in the description, they arrived in good condition, in well-sealed packaging along with the parcel, they arrived before the estimated time!


  1. Check the Mazda CX-5. Now I have no trouble codes for removal, but there are live data, which can be read. I have used it on Android application “nexzdas”. Good


  1. Very well. LAMP test engine of fault codes valve EGR removed for my Chevrolet 2012 and dropped lamp ESP, I upload software other car brands for your car friend.


  1. Excellent goods, NL300 works like a clock with app nexzscan for scan car, no need to go to the auto repair VW, you can free to update every time, saving a lot of money.


  1. I have dropped a brake EPB and scanned the electronic system of car Honda Jazz 2017 as it wanted. Now there is no warning light failure. I am very happy with the purchase.


  1. Personal use with suitable products. The only vehicle 1997 Corolla GM Iraq from programme support is equipped.


  1. Works all good on my Hyundai Santa Fe 2013. Carried out diagnostics, identified errors, reset.


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