Iprog+ Pro V76-V84 Software Download, Install, Comparison, Reviews, FAQs

According to statistics, iProg + pro clone with 7 adapters become more and more popular with users. The reason is that it’s a powerful but inexpensive ECU programmer supporting IMMO and mileage correction till the year 2019. Here have collected the corresponding software download link, installation guide, comparison, customer reviews and frequently asked questions for helping you.

Part 1: Free download iProg plus full software:

All iprog+ pro software own the following features:
Language: English and Russian
O.S: Windows XP/ Vista/7/ 8 (Win7 is recommended)

Functions: airbag, dashboard, car radio, ECU, EEPROM, IMMO, MCU and special functions
Works with Probes Adapters can make your work much easier without soldering.

iProg Pro V84:

Size: 1.5MB
Just download and unzip this iprog pro v84 file, and put it under installation directory of the old version.
New function: newly add Kline adapter, CAN adapter and IR MB adapter

V82 iProg+ Pro:
Free download link: https://share.weiyun.com/5vusgt9
Password: 2nhra8
Size: 1.87GB
Or download by mega:
Password: No need

V80 iProg+ Pro:
Free download link: https://share.weiyun.com/5TDLgT0
Password: sppubu
Size: 1.94GB

Iprog+ V77:
Free download link:
Password: No need
Size: 454.4 MB

iProg+ pro V76: 
Free download link: https://share.weiyun.com/5FTr7zl
Password: fm63a3
Size: 558.03MB

Part 2: Iprog pro+ software installation instructions:
1.Create a new folder in any convenient place on the disk. For example [iProgProSoftware]
2.Unpack the archive into the created folder
3.Run the program
4.Select the menu item Help -> Check for Updates.  Then follow instructions
5.Copy into your Scrips and Calculators folders your scripts and calculators, respectively

The installation guides are same. Please refer to the video of how to install iprog plus V77 on Win7:

Part 3: Iprog Plus clone vs. Carprog Full

Item            Iprog Plus               Carprog Full
Image Iprog Plus Carprog Full
Price €113 €61
Update Update via software link Free but new firmware required;

Users cannot update carprog sw on their own

OS Windows XP;
Windows Vista;
Windows 7;
Windows 8
Windows XP;
Windows 7;
Windows 8;
Windows 10
Airbag Yes Yes (especially good at airbag)
Dashboard Yes Yes, but need luck
Car Radio Yes Yes, but need luck
Eeprom Yes Yes, but need luck
Immo Yes Yes, but need luck
ECU Yes Yes, but need luck
MCU Yes Yes, but need luck
Special functions:

Mile to KM
Pincode from dump

Yes NO


Part 4: iprog pro+ clone customer reviews

Review 1:
Isuzu Dmax 2010 all key lost done by Iprog+ clone

Review 2:
I ordered one iprog clone, I can confirm that Iprog+ clone is working perfectly on these keys: to reset a used Smartkey of Subaru Impreza (renew, make virgin), it is a DENSO 14ACA Type.

Review 3:
Iprog clone masos for the drop of the car and the car box will be closed dpf egr evap car toyota and Lexus will make the car use the stand.

Review 4:
My iprog+ clone can do good work.
Credits to one DK veteran.

Review 5:
I have iprog Chinese clone and without problem clear all Toyota modules.

Review 6:
Clearing of airbag ECU works though some parts is stuck in Russian.

Review 7:
read pin code smartra3 hyundai h1 2012 bosh edc16–OK, Delphi not ok.
V.82 Ford Transit 2012 mileage correction OBD OK, by obd made this Ford.

Review 8:
Copy key on Toyota ID 67 68 70 94 D4, smart key, transponder ect
Read and write chips for atmel, Fujitsu, microchips, motorola, motorola 912EN
Toyota Avensis 93c46 KM reset

Part 5: iprog pro+ clone FAQs

Problem 1: V80 iprog pro could not load file, the system cannot find the file specified.

Solution: Close the anti-virus software, and you’d better run the software on Win7.

Problem 2: iprog pro software error: Programmer not connected
Programmer not connected

Solution: Please check the device driver has been installed or not. It will show the identification code after connecting the iprog pro+ clone to computer.

Question 1: Can iprog plus support read and write Toyota 4C chip?

Answer: Yes.

Question 2: I have a 2010 GMC terrain. I purchased the car and it has 999999 on the dashboard when I scanned it, GDS2 shows me it has 16.7 million miles, my question is I am trying to put the mileage back to original state of 257.000 KM car is Canadian  I am going to be using iprog+ is the info for it in the BCM or the cluster or Both.
Answer: BCM should be enough, but if the dash does not display new mileage you may need to do both. 24c16 in dash and BCM.


To be continued…

V84 Iprog+ Iprog Pro with 7 Adapters ECU Programmer:

Probes Adapters for in-circuit: