How to install iProg+ pro V77 on Windows 7 (32 bit)?

The latest software version of Iprog ECU programmer is V77. This article is available with iProg+ pro V77 free download link, step-by-step installation guide, etc.

Iprog+ V77 ECU Programmer Features:

1.Functional: airbag, dashboard, car radio, ecu, eeprom, immo, mcu and special functions
2.Reasonable price: much cheaper than original iprog+, but work as well as the original

Iprog+ V77 ECU Programmer Free Download


Password: No password
Language: English, Russian
How to install iprog pro v77 on window 7 (32 bit)?



Go to DVD/CD-RW Drive (E disk)

Open “Iprog 2019+ v77”

You will see:




View the computer is 32 bit or 64 bit

Select the corresponding file to install

Copy “iProg+_2019_00001″ and paste it on the desktop

Right click on “iProg+_2019_00001″, select “7-zip” to extract.

Go to Computer-> “Device Manager”

Right click on “iProg universal programmer”

Select “Update Driver software”

Select “Browse my computer for driver software” and click “OK”

Search for driver software in the corresponding location

Click “Next” to continue

Select “Install this driver software anyway” to install

iProg+ universal programmer has been installed successfully

Open iProg Pro version 77

Come to main menu

Adapter _test







OTHER: CAN_SCAN.bir, CAN_SCAN_proba.bir

1.iProg+ V77 clone dashboard functions (read km, write a new km on many cars).

Take “Toyota Avensis Denco 93c46.ipr mileage correction for example.

Click OLD KM to show the current KM is 122040

Change the KM to 2560 and click “WRITE NEW KM”

Write the new KM success

Change the mileage again

Also write success

2.Read/write/erase eeprom

Take “93c46 import.ipr” for example

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Hope it helps you!