Is Autel MaxiSys Ultra Worth Buying?

I am shopping around for my first real scanner. I have had some cheaper ones but want to step up to a professional grade one. I am a DIY guy, but do a lot of work for family and friends. I am lucky enough to have a pretty good budget for this and I am currently leaning towards the Autel Maxisys Ultra. It will do ten times what I know how to do, but that gives me room to learn. The $4500 price tag is definitely on the high end of what I want to spend, but if it’s worth it then I am ok with it I guess. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

Answer 1:
Do you need/will take advantage of the oscilloscope function the AUTEL ULTRA offers, for example? Do you work on anything and everything, all makes, models and systems? If you do, then the ULTRA will be very useful.

If you primarily are interested in comprehensive scan tool diagnostics then there are more costs. effective solutions with a comparable/equivalent level to the one the ULTRA offers.

Answer 2:
I bought my Autel Ultra about a year ago, and I’ve been very happy with it overall. There have been some quirks to work out – getting code scans off the tool and to the printer, sharing waveforms, like that. Nothing that would deter me from buying it again, or suggesting it to others.

But it’s not necessary for everyone. Do you see yourself using the four-channel scope regularly, or do you see yourself growing into it? If not, the MS909 may be a better fit. Do you see yourself doing J2534 programming, or growing into that? If not, then maybe consider something like the Autel 906 Pro.

It offers 95% of the scan tool functionality of the MS909/919/Ultra without the J-box or scope. Honestly, if I were a serious DIY-er or up-and-coming technician, this is the tool I’d have my eye on.

Also, keep in mind (for the future) that updates for the Ultra are around $1200 per year.

Answer 3:
The Autel Ultra lab scope is a fantastic tool for diagnostics. The extra large touchscreen is a joy to use and is easy to read outside in daylight. Battery life has been longer than expected at around 8 hours and charge time is fairly quick. If you need a 4 channel lab scope in your shop then look no further. The Autel Ultra does everything my Snap-On Verus does but it does it faster and with a larger screen. Accessories such as test leads, alligator clips and back probes are all neatly stowed in the rugged case.

Answer 4:
It’s my preferred go-to scan tool for my auto repair shop.
Coming from the MS906. This Ultra was a huge upgrade and definitely worth it for my busy auto repair shop. The MS906 lasted a while but then started suffering from touchscreen issues and honestly, I hope this one is built with better quality. Only time will tell but so far, the scope has been pretty awesome and it’s abilities are more than enough for us. There is a little lost in translation issues we encounter and a lot of ‘chinglish’ but once you get over that, it’s a powerful tool.

Credits to all users’ real feedback above.
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