Is Launch X431 V (X431 Pro) Any Good?

Are you searching for a reliable, fast and easy-to-use diagnostic scanner?

Launch X431 V is a great tool for you. It supports all system diagnosis & 15 special functions and offers 2 years of the free online update. It’s extremely portable to use on a wide range of vehicles for auto repair shop or garage.

Technical Specifications of the Launch X431 V Scan Tool:

Car diagnostic scanner Launch X431 V
Works Supports 72 car brands about 220 car models from European, USA Asian, Australian, Indian and Malaysia Car Models.
OS Android
Language English, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Arabic, Danish, Persian, Romanian, Serbian, Finnish, Swedish and Czech.
Basic function Full systems diagnostic Yes
Read DTCs Yes
Clear DTCs Yes
Read data stream Yes
Active Test & Bi-directional control Yes
View Freeze Frame Yes
ECU Coding Yes
Health Report Generate and Share Yes
Online Repair Resources Yes
Technology backup & View diagnostic history & Data Record playback Yes
Remote Diagnosis/Assistance – Yes
Maintenance Help Yes
15 Special function Oil Reset Service Yes
Fuel Injector Coding Yes
DPF Regeneration Yes
Electronic Throttle Position Reset / Learn Yes
TPMS Reset Yes
Steering Angle Sensor Calibration Yes
Battery Register / Battery Maintenance Yes
ABS Bleeding Yes
Key Programming Yes
Electronic Parking Brake Reset Yes
Tooth/ Gear Learning Yes
Air Suspension Reset Yes
Gearbox Reset Yes
Sunroof RESET Yes
AFS Reset Yes
WiFi, Bluetooth Yes
Software Update Option Yes, supports one key update and 2-Years free update

Here are some X431 PRO real product images and words:
This is Launch X431 V(X431 Pro) 8inch V4.0 Tablet and DBSCAR connector.
launch x431v 8 inch

Turn on the vehicle ignition and plug the OBD Bluetooth adapter into the car
obd bluetooth

Note: In general, the OBD diagnostic port is under the driver's seat. For some cars like French PSA Peugeot Citroën, it is in the central control position.
Open the X431 V APP on the tablet that is already installed

In the main menu, you can see the functions as below:
-Intelligent Diagnose
-Local diagnose
-Software Update
-Diagnostic History
-Remote Diagnose
-User info
-Vehicle Coverage
-Other Modules

Learn every function in sequence:
There are three diagnostic methods: “Intelligent Diagnose”, “Local diagnose” and “Remote Diagnose”.
->> Intelligent Diagnose: you must connect the X431 Pro device to the Internet and login the account.
->> Local Diagnose: you should download all the model software to the tablet and use it locally without connecting to the Internet.
->> Remote Diagnose: If you don't know how to repair the car, you can contact the online technicians through it to help you diagnose your vehicle remotely.

Software Update:
You also need to register and log in before upgrading.

Diagnostic History:
It recorded what you have done for the specific car models before.
There are 15 special functions in total.

In the process of testing, if you can't test or encounter other problems, you are allowed to submit the logs in testing to the Launch server. Then the engineers will analyze and find out the problem to help you solve it.
x431v feedback

Here you can learn operating skills, DTC help, automotive technology handbook and repair case.

Vehicle Coverage:
It allows user to search the workable specific car model and year
x431 vehicle coverage

Other Modules:
Including Videoscope, Product Manual, FAQ, Quick Start

Car model: i.e. Honda Accord
Diagnostic method: Local diagnose

1.Select “Local diagnose”-> “HONDA”
2.Read vehicle version info
3.Select “16 PIN DLC”-> “System Selection”-> “PGM-FI/Diesel (Engine System)
4.Read out ECU ID

5.Then you can operate any following function depends on your need

More details can be seen from this video:

In a word, Launch X431 V PRO is a professional and comprehensive scan tool. Hope this Launch X431 review article will help a lot to make a buying decision.

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