Launch X431 V 8 Inch Scanner Review

Today I’d like to share a new Launch X431 Pro I bought one month ago.

It cost me 687 euros at, and arrived after 4 days from the UK without Tax! Everything is fine without any damage.

I have taken some pictures of the package and operation.

Let’s see the Launch X431 V 8 inch full package:
It comes with one main unit, many cables for AUDI, FIAT, BENZ, Nissan etc, connectors for Ford, BMW, etc, parts and other items incl. PIN envelop, manual, quick start, original plastic/ carton box.

Why do I buy a Launch X431 V?
I was tired of the cheap, WiFi and bluetooth simple scanners. They have their place, but when you are using them frequently, you find that they are never specific to any make model – and they leave out tons of the details you really need to diagnose and repair vehicles.

This x431 V tool easily rivals the professional ones for thousands of dollars more. With numerous specific modules and code descriptions and the ability to actually ACTUATE valves and other components for testing, this tool does everything a small shop or prosumer user would need.

I ran this unit through the paces on a Jaguar, a Toyota, a Mustang, and a Jeep in the first week I had it. It was able to scan every module and parameter on all of them – I couldn’t find anything missing. I love this tool.

Here are some pictures about x431 pro scan Jeep module:
Connect x431V with the OBDII port of vehicle

In the main menu, you can see it supports American, European, Asian, Chinese and reset car option

I select Jeep and Jeep v32.30, in this option, you can diagnose the elec, control system of Chrysler, dodge, jeep coverage from 1996-2017. The operation is the same as the original scan tool.
Then select diagnostic socket-> 16 PIN Connector

Automatically search
Detect my car VIN, model, body style successfully

System scan (It takes about 2 minutes to scan all the system)

Read Fault code: there is no DTC, so good! So I don’t need to clear fault code.

Read data stream

In a word, launch x431v 8 inch is a cost-effective diagnostic tool, it’s far cheaper than Snap-On and other brands. Most of the actuator tests and special resets worked. I hope can use it to do more works.