Ksuite 2.25 free download and install on Kess /ktag fw7.020 master

Ksuite 2.25 is tested 100% working fine with all available Kess /ktag fw7.020 master. This post offers mega free download link (also Chinese Weiyun link), and installation video on Youtube.


Ksuite 2.25 free download on mega(The link has obsolete)

The newest Ksuite software free download pls refer to this post(The newest post 2021):

Version 2.25
• Improved onscreen message management

• Implemented reading of gearbox sensor on Magneti Marelli 8GMK ECUs

Works on XP, WIN7 (Try on WIN8 WIN10 at your own lucky)

Works on almost all Kess master (UKSE135, SE135-B, SE135-B1,SE135-C, SE135-E,SE135-F)

Very important!!!

Ksuite 2.25 installation on Ktag KTM100 FW V7.020 (UKSE135) is a little different from that on others because their driver is different.


  1. Ksuite 2.25 installation on Ktag KTM100 FW V7.020(UKSE135)


I attach several images on how to read & write Mercedes Bosch ME9.7.

  1. How to install Ksuite 2.25 on the other available Kess /Ktag Master FW 7.020 (SE135-B, SE135-B1,SE135-C, SE135-E,SE135-F)?