KTM BENCH Write BMW X3 F25 EDC17C50 no issues

KTM Bench ECU programmer can read and write ECU via boot& bench (no need to dismantle the ECU). Here share the test report on BMW X3 F25 EDC17C50.

Purpose: to check KTM Bench can write EDC17C50 on BMW X3 or not.


Follow the KTM Bench wiring diagram to connect all the devices

Open KTM Bench V1.1.99 software

Click on “Identification”

A message appears on the screen “Would you like to use automatic power control (L-line)?”

Click “YES”

Click “…” to select BMW X3 EDC17C50 file to write

Select password and click “OK”

It prompts “Checksums was corrected. Continue?”

Click “Yes”

Transfering area…

Completed successfully

Here also have collected some customer reviews from forum:

Review 1: I have a ktm bench. I bought it because I needed it for SID208 PSA, after I got the tool I tried to do the job, but at first, I couldn’t read password… The problem was the power supply, it is better to use good power supply, or just connect the tool to good battery… After this I managed successfully read/write this ECU.

Also did successful read/write to VW EDC17C46, Volvo EDC17CP22 or EDC17CP48 (don’t remember which one, because one of them I couldn’t make reading)…

Review 2: Today did tests on VW EDC17CP04 – everything ok, did writing few times without any problems

Review 3: Tested on EDC17C50 BMW, work, tested on EDC17C54 VW work, tested on EDC17C64 VW not work.

Review 4: Tested on

EDC17CP09 BMW work,

EDC17C50 BMW work,

EDC17CP20 VW work,

EDC17C74 VW work,

EDC17CP44VW don’t work, (a friend from me solved it with higher voltage)

so far, so good….

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