CG Pro 9S12 Test Report: Adjust Mileage for 2016 BMW G Series Successfully

Confirmed! CG Pro 9S12 programmer tested 100% on 2016 BMW 740 Li G12.

Good news: CG-PRO 9S12 best price: 280 euro with free shipping

Test report:


Car: BMW 740 Li

Series: G12

Year: September 2016

Module: Dashboard

Chip: 35128WT

Device: CGDI Pro 9S12

Note: Need to add filter after odometer adjustment


Check the car model and record the original mileage

Turn off the ignition switch and dismantle the dashboard from the car

The storage chip is confirmed: 35128WT

Then go to correct odometer

Plug 35160WT adapter into CGDI PRO 9S12 main unit

Open CG PRO software and click “read” to read out the original data is 61938 KM, then save it

Input the new mileage 2000 and click “OK”

Adjust the mileage successfully

Add a BMW filter then install back to the car


Tips: The latest BMW can filter 18 in 1 is universal for multiple car models, small and convenient, easy operate, with stable performance and reliability. It supports the following models:


BMW 1 series F2X, 3 series F3X, BMW X5 etc., FEM mileage adjustment( no need to remove FEM, connect directly to instrument panel);
BMW 5 series F10, 7 series F01/02 etc., CAS4 Fxx chassis.( F01, F02, F07, F18, F10, F20, F25, X3 etc., applicable for 9S12 XEP series 5M48H/1N35H)

The wiring diagram:

Black  ——— GND                   Red ——— +12V      White  ——— +5V
Purple  ——– L1(CAN_L1)    Green ——— H1(CAN_H1)
Yellow ——— L2(CAN_L2)    Blue ——— H2(CAN_H1)
NOTICE! Please connect the 2 BMW dots together (short circuit) BEFORE connection to the car!

1.diagram for BMW 1 series F20 instrument:

2.diagram for BMW 3 series F30 instrument:

3.diagram for BMW 3 GT series F30 instrument:

4.diagram for American Standard BMW X5 F15 instrument:

5.diagram for USA Strandard BMW X5 F15 instrument:

6.diagram for BMW FEM:

7.diagram for BMW CAS4(1L15Y/5M48H/1N35H):

8.diagram for BMW X3 F25 instrument:

Can filter 18 in 1 for Benz / BMW source:

Super CAN Filter For BMW CAS4 Renault Laguna III, Megane III, Scenic III source:

Newest Version V5 BMW CAS4 CAN-filter source: