Launch X431 PAD V with X-prog3 Erase Anti-theft data for Mercedes Benz 722.9 TCU

The Launch X-PROG 3 supports anti-theft modules replacement of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VW/Audi, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, etc. It can work with X431 PAD V to erase the anti-theft data for the ECU of Mercedes Benz. Let’s check the detailed steps.

ECU type:
Mercedes Benz ECU ME9.7 TCU 722.9

Device used:
Launch X431 PAD V+ X-prog3
Benz 722.9 TCUMercedes Benz ECU ME9.7

The procedure:
Go to Mercedes Benz diagnostic software,
Select Anti-theft function

Check whether the devices are properly connected by referring to the connection diagram on the screen

Click ‘OK’
Communicating with the programmer
Select ECU Erasing >> Engine control unit (ECU)/ Transmission control unit (TCU) >> Wiring diagram >> ME9.7

Check the wiring diagram to connect the module correctly

Then select ‘Completely Erase module’

Confirm the Mercedes- Benz module info>> click ‘OK’
Note: The personalized and activated are ‘Yes’.

When it asks ‘Do you want to backup module data?’ click ‘Yes’
Input the file name>> click ‘OK’
Backup module data is successful >> click ‘OK’

Confirm whether you want to erase module, click ‘YES’ to continue
After erasing, the ‘Personalized’ and ‘Activated’ have been changed to ‘No’.

The steps for ECU/TCU are the same. After clearing the ECU or TCU, the used control module can be installed on other cars. Then go on to perform programming, coding, and personalize.
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