Launch X431 Pro3 Clear Fault Code on TOYOTA Camry 2006

Purpose: Clear all DTCs on a 2006 TOYOTA Camry ACV40 using Launch X431 Pro3 V4.0.

Car: 2006 TOYOTA Camry ACV40
Engine type: 2AZFE (Gasoline)
Cylinder number: 4
Device: Launch X431 V+ car scanner

Note: this guide is suitable for all TOYOTA models DTC can’t clear.

Connect X431 V+ with the vehicle
Enter [Local Diagnose] menu

Select car region (Asian)-> car brand (Toyota)
Then you can see the Vehicle Version Information

Note: Toyota/Lexus Diagnostic Software V49.60 added the function Read Freeze Frame Data, Brake Pad Replacement, and DPF Regeneration for some car models. Optimized the data stream flash speed.

Click “OK” to continue
In [Show Menu], select [16PIN DLC (Europe and other)]-> [Camry, 2007.10-2009.07, TMT (Toyota Motor Thailand Co.,Ltd), TMV (Toyota Motor Vietnam)]-> w/o Memory Seat

Read out the vehicle info
Please kindly notice:
If communication abnormality occurs during the test, please ensure whether the vehicle is equipped with other parts.
If other parts are installed, you can try to remove the parts and then perform the test.
Read the diagnostic trouble code
[Current] means the code is happening
[History] means the code is past

Note: This ECU controls the detonator for airbag inflation when the crash sensor detects it

Clear all history code

Now there is no history trouble code

But the current code cannot clear

Click on [Read Data stream] to check

Make sure the sensor is working normally
Turn steering wheel
The sensor is working

Back to [Show Menu]
Select [Signal Check]

Note: This function is used to detect each sensor malfunction

DTCs will be erased if normal operating conditions are confirmed.
-The TS terminal on the DLC3 connector will be grounded during this test.
Refer to the repair manual for additional information on the system selected.

Click “OK” to select the desired function
-All signal check or One signal check
When DTCs are detected, select the desire function and press “OK” to continue

Select [Enter Signal Check and Clear DTCs]

Perform the Signal Check operation according to the Repair Manual, then press “OK”
Confirm all DTCs, freeze frame data and monitor status will be cleared

Signal Check is complete

Check fault report again, there is no trouble code now.


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