MPPS V21 review, Ktag Kess review

I'll chip in my few words of experience of ECU tuning tools.
Mr Oliver sold me MPPS v21 without telling me that it needs to be re-flashed from time to time. Found out about it myself where it refused to work on one day. Contacted him – got hex file and info how to re-flash it – good experience so far. When asked about help files for MPPS he said that it's in progress but did not get anything so far.Maybe MPPS v18 cable should be a better choice. I found lots of good reviews and working mpps download is easy to find and use.

This is a good place i found when Google: wish it helps


Ktag & kess v2
Couple of months later found his auctions with new Ktag and kess without nxp reset. Ordered both and got promised support when it comes to files for virtual reading. Both worked fine and they still do but ktag has issue with BMW EDC17C41 – unable to even identify ecu on the bench. Connections as per diagram but no luck. total failure on that ecu. Other ecu's working.

Some time ago I asked for virtual read for Ford Connect. Got the unlocked file but was unable to write that file with Kess. It was SID807EVO. Kess failed on it, done it with Ktag via boot and later on with X17 via OBD.

So far so good and both devices work fine.

As for support, on one occasion asked him for modded file for an ecu I was not familiar with. Got the price and the file but file was terrible. Totally undriveable (hesitating, juddering, injectors very noisy etc). Told him that and since then all contact stopped. No response to my texts, emails,calls.

Not sure what happened. Maybe he got upset because of my feedback about his file which I did not pay for as it did not work but no contact since then. Shame as he seemed genuine person.

I will be selling my Ktag and MPPS v21. I purchased HQ tuning tool now from, no need rework pcb, tested many times- all OK. The one sells good china clones.


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