How to replace the SBC pump on w211 via Super MB star C3?

Topic: Step-by-step instructions on how to replace the SBC pump on a w211 via Super MB star C3 plus dell D630, since Mercedes W211 SBC pump was going, and it was out of warranty. Lots of pictures are attached. The first two parts will list all the tools to use.


Model and issue: the SBC pump for Mercedes W211 specifically my model was used the 2005 E320 CDI North American Version 211.026 the .026 is the sedan not the hatchback.


What to do?

Option 1: my SBC pump was going, and it was out of warranty going to cost around $2400 plus tax to get it done. Did not want to pay that.

Option 2: THIS CANNOT BE DONE WITHOUT A MERCEDES MULTIPLEXER putting that right out there. If you don’t want to buy a Multiplexer then a computer in my case a Dell D630, then take it to the dealer this can not be done without it.


Tool s to use:

  1. MB star diagnosis: There are three types of multiplxers out there right now a C3, C4, and a C5. It is up to you to get what you want and need. The brand and version Multiplxer I bought was Super MB C3 Top Version with the Dell D630 HDD. If you choose to get the same version as me do not get the external HDD with VMware way to many bugs and problems. Google if you don’t trust me.


  1. SBC pump: Buy your pump from a reputable source with VIN match, I got mine from EEuroparts. Now you have your Multiplexer and SBC pump.


  1. You need a motive pump for your model: That is because you will need to build brake pressure when you go to bleed the brakes since it’s an electronic brake system.
  2. Last fluid at least 3 quarts worth. I bought a 5 quart cheaper online from Amazon then buying three separate quarts.
  3. Little things such as rags and gloves since brake fluid will drip everywhere.
  4. Besides basic hand tools, jack, jack stand impact, torque wrench for tires, and the multiplexer, not much is really needed for this. Any DIY mechanic at home stuff.



Jack up the vehicle on all four and taking off all the tires. Not much needed for this.


Disable the SBC. This is done though your newly acquired computer/Multiplexer. As shown below.

Plug into OBD2

Mine plugged into the serial port the green on the left.

Load Up software Double Click Xentry

Wait for it to load takes a min.

Click Mercedes

Choose your model mine W211

.026 is sedan version

Click the button on the left and wait for it to load.

Press F2

Press F2
Ok now your loaded up

Now that your SBC is deactivated, you can take it apart. For me the whole unit came out with a 11mm line wrench and a 12mm wrench for the one line in the top right that was different then the rest. The plug was disconnected. Then it was held in with three grommets then just popped out.

Comes right out

This plug.

Step 3
Now to install the new SBC, you first have to remove the bracket from the old one its a tripod setup held in place with a 11mm bolt show in photos. Only fits in one way, lip over the black ball and the two tabs keep it in place.


Step 4. Install the new SBC, same way it came out with the line wrenches.
If you are having problems screwing the leads into the new pump. I recommended buying a small brake line that will screw into the SBC pump. I brought my old pump to a local auto parts store and bought a cheap brake line that was m10x1.0 this is to help clean up the threads if need be.



Step 5 now to activate and bleed the brakes of the new SBC.

Step 1 for activation

Step 2 for activation

Step 3 for activation

Do these three steps before hitting activate.

Just follow the instructions and there is no need for me to take photos the computer tells you to do everything.


Hook up your Motive bleeder and set it to 20 lbs as it says and go from there. I believe the brake line was a 3/8 tube and a 14mm wrench. This part is the same as any other with bleeding, hook up a clear tube to a reservoir.

Here is a great thread on bleeding basically the steps are the same, except my CDI did not have two valves in the front only one per wheel.

Now that the pump is replaced, fluid is change, and is activated, the last thing to do is check to see if the new pump pedal count and acutations were reset back down to zero are as close to zero as possible. The number may not be zero since these parts are refurbished and tested according to Bosch so some variations will apply.

Step 1 For checking pump counter reset start with development data.

Step 2 For checking pump counter reset.

Step 3 For checking pump counter reset.

Step 4 For checking pump counter reset.


Results are that it is where it should be

Old SBC pump.


New SBC pump Results

No Malfunction so all is a success

after activating a message came on told me SBC pump cycle was reset and showed a number for 5000 out of 50 million before it was up to 10 million. I have checked to see if the pedal counter also was reset and it was as shown in photos. I will say the new pump is quiet, near silent and the pedal is a lot more firm. That may just be because the old system was not holding a charge at all.