NEW SPEICIAL OBDSTAR F101 Toyota IMMO reset tool for G chip all key lost

Hi there! This blog bring you good news: OBDSTAR Company has newly launched a special device called OBDSTAR F101 TOYOTA IMMO (G) Reset tool which supports Toyota G chip all keys lost! Check below details to know it!

OBDSTAR F101 main unit:

What is this new launched OBDSTAR F101 tool?

In a word, OBDSTAR F101 is a tool which allows you to reset Toyota immobilizer when all keys lost (Toyota 4D67/ 4D68 chip, Toyota 72G chip), to read Toyota pin code, to program Toyota keys (add or delete)!

Why say OBDSTAR F101 is special?

Because you can Toyota G ALL KEY LOST simply with this hand-held OBDSTAR F101! (No need other adapter or plug. No need additional PC +install software)

And OBDSTAR F101 is useful as it has many functions as below:

  1. Support 4D (67, 68) chip immobilizer reset (All keys lost).
  2. Support 72 chip (WITH G, EUROPE) immobilizer reset (All keys lost). American TOYOTA with G key Reset will upgrade soon!
  3. Support smart key reset before 2009(All keys lost).
  4. Add/erase Keys for all of TOYOTA cars.
  5. Add/erase smart keys for all of TOYOTA cars.
  6. Add/erase remotes for most of TOYOTA cars.
  7. No need to buy tokens.
  8. One Key Upgrade

P.S. Now you can get a nearly cheapest OBDSTAR F101 new tool from!

If you pay in Euros: €92+€21 shipping fee=€113

If you pay in US dollars: $94.76 + $21.93=$116.69

Link is here: