(NEW) V3.50 TM100 Key Programmer Update Information

Fresh update for you! TM100 Key Programmer V3.50 is newly released and available to update. This blog is about newest V3.50 update information.

TM100 Transponder Key Programmer V3.50 Update Information:

  1. Add dump edit tool for VAG BCM2.
  2. Add keymaker for Isuzu, NPR, D-Max as MY2007. Parts: IMMO box, IC: EEPROM 93C56, Transponder: PCF7936.
  3. Fix bugs.


How to edit VAG BCM2 dump:

(NOTE: The internet access is Mandatory)

Select Tools→ Dump Editor→ VAG→ BCM2, then load flash and EEPROM file, TM100 will display VIN, CS, MAC, key IDE etc. Flash file size: 384k/512k/768k bytes, EEPROM file size: 4k/64k bytes.


You can also edit and save EEPROM.

Support models:

Audi A4/A5/A6/A7/A8/Q5, VW Touareg (Before MY2014.6)

NEC 70F3379/70F3880/70F3881/70F3634 (P flash size 384k/512k/768k)

D flash or 25320 (4k/64k)


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