Nissan Tiida key programming, zedbull or SBB?

I am trying to program a key for Nissan Tiida,this is what I have done, I’ve generated transponder image using zedbull since I only have pcf7935. and I try to program it through obd with abrites but now abrites is giving me a four digit pin when I read pin but when I try to add key with same code the abrites need a 12digit pin, where can I get the 12 digit pin. zedbull says the generated transponder can only be programmed through obd.

Its 2007,I will soon read the bcm eeprom to see what pin the zedbull will give me.


some of them use 4d and some need 7935 to be generated to match to car
read bcm code and calculate it to get the pin code and match to car using any device
if the bcm code 5 digit and calculate
as your picture c41b3 bcm
pin code old 7492
pin code new 9704
use new 9704 and should work with any tools by obd
i have made few tiida with SBB clone machine and all are ok


No need to read bcm eeprom .by obd read bcm code and then calculate or post bcm code and we here give you pin code its easy .
If fvdi gives you the bcm code c41b3 use the new pin code I gave you and program key
Put the new 4 digit code when it ask you to put pin code
And its clear on your picture.


Nissan that year use transponder Id46.