Vapon Katana Decoder HU66 Gen2 & HU92 FAQ

In the previous post, we introduced the user guide for new Auto Pick and Decoder Lockpick Tools- Vapon Katana Decoder HU66 Gen2 & HU92. Today we’ll continue to learn more info through some related frequent questions and answers about Vapon Katana Decoders.

vapon katana decoder hu66 gen2 hu92 faq 1


Question 1: What are the features of Katana Decoder?

Answer: Compared with other decoders, KatanaDecoder has greatly improved in the design of many details, such as size, accuracy, and operation method. Most importantly, according to the way it is designed to operate, it is not easy to break. It opens very efficiently and is a good choice for locksmiths.


Question 2: Compared with Turbodecoder, what are the advantages of Katanadecoder?

Answer: From the following poster, you can intuitively feel its design advantages and its price is more competitive.

vapon katana decoder hu66 gen2 hu92 faq 2


Question 3: Why is Katana Decoder more expensive than others?

Answer: Because its precision is high, and the production cost itself is not low. The earliest retail price starts at $299. Now both Vapon HU66 Gen2 and HU92 Auto Pick and Decoder have been reduced by 100$. Just to make customers better accept it.


Question 4: Which model years are supported by Katana Decoder Hu66 Gen2?

Answer: Katana decoder HU66 – VAG G 2/6 supports models from 2004 up to 2017.


Question 5: Which model years are supported by Katana Decoder HU92?

Answer: Katana decoder HU92 BMW E series support all BMWs till 2013.


Question 6: Does Vapon only produce two models, HU66 Gen2 and HU92?

Answer: The factory is testing HU100, HU100R, SIP22, and other models and will start mass production as soon as possible.


Question 7: Is there any warranty for Katana Decoder?

Answer: KatanaDecoder does not provide a warranty. You need to study the related operating video to make sure you can use it correctly, and won’t break it.


Question 8: Will Katana Decoder break during operating?

Answer: It is a metal tool and we do not guarantee that it will not break. According to how it works, it is not easy to break, and you need to learn how to use it properly.


Question 9: If the HU66 Gen2 or HU92 Decoder breaks, can it be repaired?

Answer: You can refer to the official video below to replace its core parts by yourself. The core components need to be purchased separately.


Question 10: I already have LISHI tool now, do I need to have one katanadecoder?

Answer: Lishi tool is a successful tool, but the Lishi tool takes many days of training time. Katanadecoder can be easily mastered, if you are a professional locksmith, you can get started quickly without learning. So katanadecoder is also a good choice for you.


In a word, if you need a simple and high-quality auto lock pick decoder to use easily and efficiently (not easy to break), Vapon Katana Decoder HU66 Gen2 and Katana Decoder HU92 are worth buying.


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