VXSCAN 8Pin Adapter for BMW FEM-BDC 95128/95256 Chip User Guide

Today let’s talk about a newest cost-effective VXSCAN toolVXSCAN 8 Pin adapter.

What’s VXSCAN 8 Pin adapter?

VXSCAN 8 Pin adapter is a cost-effective OBD2 tool which can read and write anti-theft data for BMW FEM-BDC 95128/95256 chip perfectly. It’s very convenient and safe to use without losing data.

XSCAN BMW FEM-BDC 8 Pin adapter display:



-Perfect after-sales system;

-Unconditional return for seven days;

-Two years long replacement.

How to use VXSCAN 8 Pin adapter?

1.If use XSCAN BMW FEM-BDC 8 Pin adapter alone, it can also works with VVDI Prog/CG Pro 9S12/Orange5

2.Assorted with VVDI Prog/ CG Pro 9S12/ Orange5, it is compatible with XPROG ECU Programmer.


How to connect 8 pin header connector socket with Xprog M V6.12?

1.Connect the 8pin header connector socket to the Xprog- Box

2.Connect the 8pin adapter to the 8pin header to completed the operation

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