Why Launch X431 PRO MINI WIFI Bluetooth better than X431 Diagun 3?

Good news for you! Launch Company newly released Launch X431 PRO MINI WIFI Bluetooth to fully replace X431 Diagun 3 since it’s out of stock! Check below to know why this brand new Launch X431 PRO MINI is better.


From this table you can directly know Launch X431 Pro Mini has better hardware and is more powerful like special functions!

Comparison table between Launch X431 PRO MINI and X431 Diagun III

Compare items Launch X431 PRO MINI X431 Diagun III
Price €855+free shipping €725+shipping fee
Connection Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Only Bluetooth
Function Full-system diagnosis, data stream, actuation test and special functions Full-system diagnosis, data stream
Special function Oil Reset, Steering Angle Calibration, EPB, Battery Register, ABS, Electronic Throttle Position Reset, DPF, TPMS, Gear Learning, Immobilizer Matching, Fuel Injector Coding No
Vehicle coverage all 12V gasoline and diesel cars, more than 150 European, American and Asian brands most EU car from 1996-2014, totally less than 100 brands worldwide
Free update 2 years 1 year
Screen 6.9 inch with 1280×720 resolution 4.3 inch with 480 x272 resolution
Operating system Android 5.1 WINCE 5.0
Memory 2G 1G
Camera Front-facing 2MP camera+

Rear-facing 5MP camera


Launch X431 PRO MINI User Manual Download: