Xhorse VVDI 2 user manaul (free download pdf)

Tips on using VVDI II Key Programmer:
1. VVDI 2 with basic function+VW+BMW+Porsche by default
2.  VVDI II without Audi 5th,BMW OBD and BMW CAS4+ function, if you need, you need pay for us to open the authorization extra


Special Function:

Including all VVDI functions, improved and more stable

More vehicle coverage, multi Immo functions

New added plug-in function and reserved connectors to include all VVDI functions


VVDI -II includes all the VVDI functions, The function of Tango, Remote control generation and chip identification is improved, And also the coil’s stability has been enhanced.

More ever, Users do no need to connect VVDI II with computer or other devices to identify chip or detect remote frequently.


Add more vehicle models

VVDI supports diagnostic function only for VAG groups, But VVDI 2 has achieved multi brand vehicle diagnosis and supports part of vehicle immo programming function and software online upgrade.

VVDI2can replace lots of customized devices. Users do not need to purchase specific OBD tool for specific vehicle makes which will save you a lot.


Plug-in function, reserved connectors 

VVDI 2 can act as a multifunction programmer to connect plug-ins, and read & write IC and CPU data.

Can read and write Benz IR key, Can program key for old and new Mercedes–Benz, Can connect BMW plug to realize OBD function, And meanwhile reserve some connectors for further uses.


The core function is to detect the remote control frequency:

Automatically identify chip type

Support multi-function on VW vehicles


Key programmer

Remote control programmer

2015 Newest VVDI 2 Commander Key Programmer Update Online for VW/Audi/BMW/Porsche:


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