2015 New Ford Mazda VCM2 IDS 2-in-1 PCB display

Ford& Mazda VCM II 2 in 1 Diagnostic Tool (SP239-B) is compatible with OEM software of Ford IDS and Mazda IDS. VCM 2 Scanner work on Ford and Mazda till year 2015, support for Programming & Installation of new ECUs (PCM, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Air Bag, Fuel Pumps, etc.)

  1. Support multi-languages:


  1. IDS Version: Ford IDS V96, Mazda IDS V95
  1. Update by CD with unlocked firmware
  1. Support virtual machine, Ford and Mazda IDS software can be installed on one computer.
  1. Support both new and old vehicles.

VCM 2-in-1 (SP239-B) have the same outlook as SP177 series Ford/Mazda/JLR VCM2, but built with different PCB

SP239-B Ford and Mazda VCM2 Firmware PCB:


SP177 series Ford VCMII scanner (SP177-C1 best quality VCM2 PCB as an example)

ford-vcm2-2 vcm-pcb-c1

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