2020 Newest 2M2 Magic Tank Locksmith Tools

Eobdtool.co.uk has released some 2M2 Tank tools that locksmiths need. They are small but very practical. Go to see what they are.


Option 1: 2M2 Magic Tank Key Shell Open Tool

There are two bright colors for this 2M2 key shell open tool: green and orange. It has good design and makes you open the key easily.

Price: only €7.00/Pcs free shipping

Option 2: 2M2 Magic Tank Chip Storage Box 
Chip Storage Container, 10 boxes per set and in 10 colors.

What is it specially designed for?
This 2M2 Tank chip Storage Box allows you to place ceramic chips, small glass tubes and large glass tubes. You can freely set various permutations and combinations.

What’s the feature of 2M2 Chip Storage Box?

1.The high-grade plastic material is thick, solid and not easily brittle. Besides that, it comes with food-grade silica gel, non-toxic and durable. What’s more, it has been tested that the installed chip is not easy to be scattered during a one-meter drop.

2.The box comes with a sticker which is used to write down the chip number.

3.There is also chip storage space in the middle, which can hold more than 40 chips (e.g. Xhorse VVDI super chips) at most.

Price: €57.00 free shipping

Option 3: Super key blank (will come soon)

Use one super key blank can generate 99% key models on the newest 2M2 Magic Tank APP which adds Generate key model function.

Check what key types can generate and the operation guide, please refer to this article:

2M2 Magic Tank 2020 Newest Upgrade: One Super Key Blank Generate 99% Keys

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